sâmbătă, 1 decembrie 2012

Army Beatles

duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

The Beatles in Tittenhurst Park

Tittenhurst Park was the home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono from the late summer of 1969 until August 1971, and then the home of Ringo Starr and family until the late-1980s.
It is located on a 72-acre estate in London Road, Sunninghill, near Ascot (SL5 0PN) in the English county of Berkshire, close to the Surrey border.
Lennon bought the house for £145,000 from Peter Cadbury. The estate included spectacular gardens, a Tudor cottage and servants' cottages. QRJMB8MMHUAK

sâmbătă, 1 septembrie 2012

The Beatles receive their first silver disc

Friday 5 April 1963

On this day The Beatles were awarded their first silver disc, for sales of more than 250,000 copies of their single Please Please Me.

luni, 27 august 2012

Beatles with Maharishi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the leader and guru of the Transcendental Meditation movement characterized in multiple ways including as a new religious movement and as non-religious.

luni, 16 iulie 2012

The Beatles first concert in the USA

The Beatles first concert in the USA in Washington DC.
The show from 1964 was 2 nights after their historic performance on The Ed Sullivan Show in NYC.

duminică, 8 iulie 2012

Beatles in leather

From left to right: George Harrison, Pete Best, John Lennon and Paul McCartney dawned in leather gear with musical equipment

Pete Best on why the band wore leather gear and not suits: "When we went over to Hamburg, we found out that the stage suits we had actually rotted and fell apart with the long hours we were playing. Leather was a lot cheaper in Hamburg. We could wear it on-stage and off-stage. We basically lived in it. And it enhanced the image we wanted. When we went back to Liverpool, all the other bands were still in stage suits and gold army jackets and such. We came in with cowboy boots, tight jeans, leather jackets and hair grown long, playing this powerhouse music. It ranked us fairly high in the eyes of the girls of Liverpool."